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SOLD - Edition's On The Rise aka "Casteel"

Many More pictures of Casteel at the bottom of the page.

   Located in Dade City, FL. Can assist arranging transport anywhere. Stud colt born 4-3-23. Homozygous Tobiano and 75% chance he is Homozygous Black, Edition On The Rise (aka Casteel) is sired by 3x WGC Illustrated Edition. Sire, Dam and sire's dam all on site and available for a visit. Registration pending - eligible for SSHBEA, RHBEA & NSSHA. He is currently sunbleached and going through baby coats but will be black/white in color. Show ring quality, top notch trail companion, bunches of cat tracks, friendly (greetings with a nicker and coming to the gate), natural gait, and ideal size (should mature between 14.2-15h). 

   Casteel is bred to be level headed, versatile and flashy! People invest in unique coat colors all the time. We all know you can’t ride color - it’s the temperament, training and personality that matter for our safety and success. With Casteel he offers the best of both worlds! In addition to a great disposition, he is loaded with Cat Tracks - guaranteeing him to be the envy of many! The cat tracks will be much more apparent as he gets older (as I discovered with his sire). 

   Handled and worked with extensively since birth - these experiences and more will only be developed further until he leaves the farm. This colt is an investment in your future. Showing? Breeding? Extreme Cowboy Races? Working cows? Trail riding? I'm confident Casteel would try it all willingly and excel in many areas. 

   When both parents have extensive experience in so many different areas (team penning, fox hunting, gaited shows, obstacles, … to name a few) displaying their level heads and friendly personality, you're bound to get something wonderful by combining the two. My expectations were high - Casteel maintained those standards. 

   At only 4 months old, Casteel already has some initial experiences in dozens of areas. Many of which will be developed further until he finds his new home. So far he has approached everything in a curious, thoughtful and willing manner (if not a little overly excited!). 

Leads (walk, stop, back, gaits, etc), Ties, Cross ties, parks out for Model, Trailer loading/hauling, bathes, body clips, stands for farrier, over bridges, steps, hills, ditches, ponying down the road (without Mom), climbing, goes through water, carefully picks paths through brush, not bothered by loud noises, walks through scary things, over mattress, teeter totter and more. He takes everything in stride! 

   Additional handling and exposure will be part of his life until Casteel leaves my farm for his new home. That’s part of the investment involved with this colt. If he is this good already, imagine what he will be like with proper handling as he gets older! The possibilities are endless. 

Invest in your future ALL AROUND horse. SOLD


Videos taken at 3 & 4 months old

Obstacles & "Scary" Things

Sire & Dam

Both parents (and sire’s dam) are on-site and available to visit.


Illustrated Edition (aka Rowan) was born and raised with Lisa. Aside from a couple (valuable) months early on, he is amateur trained & handled.

Rowan has an extensive show record (3x World Grand Champion, Multi World Champion, Multi FL State Champion, Model Champion, FWRHA High Point Winner, Team Penning Fastest Time & High Point Champion etc) but he has a lot going for him outside the show ring as well.

With a friendly, willing and often laid back personality, Rowan is frequently getting praises for his good behavior and talent. He loves being around other horses and is up for “trying” whatever is asked of him - even if it’s strange. In addition to many other wonderful qualities, Rowan’s presence, confirmation and color make him extra special. He brings people joy everywhere he goes. Rowan stands 15h tall.

Click his picture for more information about Rowan.

Also follow his FB page for updates:

Kosmos & Kryptonite (aka Katara) blows me away at every turn. A Hy-tone Beau mare, Katara started out as a phenomenal trail horse. But since her arrival in Florida, Katara has attended and excelled at fun shows, joined a fox hunt, obstacles, and team penning (including awards for fastest time and high point champion for Team Penning - while pregnant with Imber!).

Katara LOVES attention and is extremely willing to please. I haven’t found anything that phases her. Her first time riding after a few months off while pregnant I jumped on bareback with a rope around her neck (no “tack”) and she was perfect.

Imber seems to have gotten so many of these wonderful qualities from her mom - you couldn’t ask for much more!

Katara stands 14.2h tall.

Bloodlines & Color Test Results
Rowan Genetics Color Test Crop.jpg
Rowans SSHBEA Registration Papers.jpg
Katara Genetics Color Test Crop.jpg
Katara SSHBEA Registration Papers.jpg
Photo Gallery
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